Thursday, October 16, 2008


Kable’s at the plush Four Seasons Hotel exudes class from the minute you walk in (through the lobby’s sweeping grand staircase) until the time you leave. The rich carpeting, flooring of inlaid woodwork, chic off-white and earthy brown theme through the restaurant gives it a stark beauty. A culinary landmark in the heart of Sydney, offering the finest of modern Australian cuisine, Kable’s scores top on its unique cuisine (read molecular gastronomy in all of its dishes) and is a joy to discover for jaded taste buds. Kable's also uses the Sous vide (read slow) cooking method in most of its dishes. In a Layman's terminology "Sous vide" is the practice of cooking food at low temperatures in vacuum-packed plastic bags in a water bath. The Food cooked by this method looks firm and neat (read rawish) but absolutely tender and melts in the mouth and because nojuices have escaped owing to the plastic bags, the flavors remain intact, add a little garlic while cooking and it's simply delicious.
Coming to the food, to begin to savor the flavors we made a grand gesture with the quintessential “Pan Fried Foie Gras, Pistachio and Macadamia, Roasted Strawberry Puree, Transparent Chicken Penne” ($42), the roasted strawberry puree adds a twang to the flavor and the chicken Penne is superbly done- a bite of molecular heaven as it’s not pasta but Penne made out of chicken consommé. This was just very, very good cooking: intense, and obtusely original, in the sense that it’s not rooted in history or region or culinary orthodoxy or fashion. Another starter we tried was the “Seared Scallops, Toro, Pickled Ginger Caviar, Ponzu, Coriander Cress and Powdered Sesame Oil” ($28), the classic viand scallops in flavorful Ponzu (citrus based sauce) are superlative and I must say that the pickled ginger caviar is the epicurean apogee of molecular cooking, delicate and wobbly and they popped like balloons in my mouth to reveal a juicy center - intense, fruity and the type you'd want to drink directly from the bottle. My glass of pinot Gris pike and Joyce ($11) was excellent with my meal. Kudos also for the “Soft-Cured Ocean Trout, Smoked Sour Cream, Baby Radish, Fennel and Seaweed Salad” ($25), an exquisite concoction with an airy smoky flavor. Ever so willing to experiment “Chef Justin Baziuk”, thrills with offerings like this clever pan roasted one “Pan-Roasted Venison Loin, Beetroot Jam, Hot Chocolate Ice Cream, Cocoa Soil and Roasted Almond Butter” ($42), the combination is beyond compare. Recommendations also go for the “Braised White Rabbit Pappardelle, Tarragon, Peas and Truffle” ($ 30); the Pappardelle has a flavor so unique and distinct and marries well with the tarragon. All your other senses are abruptly awoken and you taste the food like you have never tasted it before. It makes you rethink everything.You may also go for the Degustation menu as the varied mix ensures all your taste buds are awakened to robust glory. I’d suggest share your desserts as all are gratifying running the gamut from Sunny side up looking mango and cream combination (I’d say the tastiest molecules ever) or the liquid nitrogen chilled ice-creams. However my vote goes all and all out for “Liquid Centre Brillat-Savarian Panna Cotta” ($ 28) Summer Vegetables & Buttered Brioche, its melt in the mouth tender and decadent to the core. I’d simply put it this way Food on paper is only ever an approximation of food in the mouth and this one was a sensual enjoyment.
The Service –efficient and professional, yet witty and engaging-is clearly some of the best you’ll find in OZ.It sure was a fun eating meal while forgetting a new understanding of the way food behaves. Reservations are advised and if you’d like to get behind the scenes for a unique culinary experience i.e. the chef's table ( Pax 10-16), remember it is offered on Tuesdays to Saturdays from 7:00 pm wherein the chef creates a personalized five-course menu, each course expertly paired with wines from their extensive wine list. The Head Chef Carl Middleton's also takes you on a guided tour of the kitchen, including chocolate tasting in the Chocolate Room.
I couldn’t help applauding the Chef for the food he made and as a kind gesture from the restaurant chef I got to tour the kitchen and learn some liquid nitrogen cooking. The chef gave me some bread croutons and when I dipped one with a tweezer like equipment Voila it froze in a second.

Saturday, June 28, 2008


OLIVE BEACH, Bengaluru

Olive Beach Bengaluru embodies the spirit of the Olive brand and yet defines its own unique style, Capturing the essence and magic of a Mediterranean beachside. Located off the busy Richmond Road in the heart of India’s Silicon Valley, it is tastefully hidden behind curtains of greenery in a villa converted into a chic glamorous Mediterranean restaurant. To complete the perfect meal, Olive Beach's exclusive wine list of hand picked international and indigenous wines complements the innovative cuisine and provides an elegant atmosphere for a relaxed evening.

Ask For!
The new menu at Olive Beach is a truly gourmet experience. Fresh flavors and herbs unite with ingredients sourced and skillfully prepared from gastronomic styles of the Mediterranean coastline. Various new appetizers, an exhaustive selection of both vegetarian and non vegetarian entrées, some interesting pastas and risottos and innovative signature desserts pepper Olive Beach’s new menu, catering to the forever evolving, discerning, Bengaluru palate that appreciates different and new tastes. While the essence of Olive remains, its translation in this new menu is indeed exceptional. Recommendations go for the “Pan-Seared Foie Gras”with a fig, prune and dry fruit chutney and a port reduction. Another must try is the “ Tea Smoked Duck Breast” - sliced Duck Magret served on pressed pastry, with smoky eggplant, wild mushroom duxelle, with a delicious pepper and pineapple marmalade. Vegetarians may order a “Three Cheese Flan” – baked with brie, parmesan and ricotta served with a warm grape and Aragula salad and a hint of sweet basil oil and tomato pesto. Indulge in an “Imam Bayild” - the reinterpretation of a Turkish classic which comprises baked baby eggplants, stuffed with stewed vegetables, tomatoes and feta served with a prune and nut rice, and yoghurt dill and cucumber sauce. “Pan Roasted John Dory” served with tossed vegetables and a Meyer lemon and mustard sauce and parsley puree or the “Slightly Smoked Maple Glazed Salmon” served with organic jasmine rice, white asparagus, haricot beans and a fragrant coconut béarnaise, are must tries for those who love fish. The intricate Lemon Four Ways with lemon custard, lemon sugar, lemon cake with praline ice cream and lemon tuille is definitely worth a try. The Olive Beach Larder offers one of the finest selections of cheese and meats that can be sampled through platters, and also purchased by weight for take away.



By Rupali Dean

The creative skills of the food & beverage team sure provide one with an unforgettable experience. The style of food at the resort caters for all requirements and they place a strong emphasis on cuisines of both past and current trends. The multi-national brigade of chefs’ at the resort work as a team to produce a combination of dishes that allows east to meet the West in culinary terms. I noticed that every effort is made to find ingredients of the highest quality and have them delivered to the island as pure and fresh as they might have been served at their place of origin. With the organic vegetable garden, they compliment all menus with the freshest possible leaves and herbs. Also I guess they benefit from the abundance of fresh fish available in the Maldives.
To compliment the dining options, on offer is a wine list with an international content that covers many recognized and some unrecognized, wine producing countries in both hemispheres. This mixture of new world wines and French classics offers one the opportunity to fulfill the dining experience despite both cultural and climatic challenges.
I think the team looks forward to exceeding your expectations, and I wish there are more places like Soneva Gili Resort & Six Senses Spa. All in all Thumbs Up!

Tapasfeaturing our Spanish Iberian ham selection2006 Godello, Guitian, Valdeorras, Galicia, Spain
AppetiserChilled almond and garlic soup with tuna tataki
N.V. Comte Audoin de Dampierre Grand Cuvée Brut, France
Fishermans CatchSaffron and orange infused crustacean risotto with prawns and scallops 2004 Bourgogne Chardonnay, Lucien Le Moine, France
Earth and SeaLobster and roasted chicken breast with fennel ravioli and Bangladeshi spinach2003 Bourgueil, La Coudraye, Yannick Amirault, Loire, France
Refresh the palateLychee sorbet
From the cheese cellarSelect your favourite cheese from our gourmet cellar 2002 Syrah, Havens, Hudson Vineyard, Carneros, USA
A Sweet Ending
Thin sliced Mango roll with coconut chutney, Mango and coconut sorbet2000 Domaine Léon Beyer, Tokay Pinot Gris, Vendanges Tardives, Alsace, France
Tea or coffee with petit fours


Mailing address
2nd Floor
4/3 Faamudheyri Magu
Male, Republic of Maldives
Tel: + 960 664 0304
Fax: + 960 664 0305

Thursday, May 1, 2008



“I Climbed It”
By Rupali Dean

“Do climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge in Australia” Briefed a friend .I was really nervous of heights and somehow got the feeling that I’d fall into the water or the bustling road but I was told that the Bridge Climb has helped thousands of Climbers overcome their fear of heights (also known as Acrophobia). “For the duration of the Climb, you will be attached to a static line on the Bridge, ensuring you feel safe, secure and comfortable at all times”, said the guide. So after all pep talks I decided to go for it.
The staff took about an hour prepping us by walking us through all the equipment and practicing climbing the ladders and walkways one would encounter while on the bridge. Trust me they do a wonderful job of relaxing even the most nervous of clients (read Rupali) .The climb itself is much easier than I expected. The only real physical challenge is when you climb 4 ladders from the base to the beginning of the actual span. Though my brain had me more concerned than my body should have been! Its was like climbing a 10 foot ladder, taking a step to the side, climbing another 10 foot ladder, etc., until I managed to climb all 4 ladders. Once I got on the span, the width of the pathway was 4 feet, and Thankfully I could not see directly below me. Thanks for all those Hours in the Gym the climb was not a physical challenge. All ages can do it, and it's a great experience! Truly Nothing can match that feeling of personal achievement I gained when I overcome my fear of heights as I climbed 134m into the sky on top of the world’s largest steel-arch Bridge In Sydney and I have a certificate to prove it.