Thursday, February 14, 2013


This amazing coconut island of Thailand is fast becoming a tourist hotspot. What with the perfect white sandy beaches, turquoise waters, amazing local hospitality and exotic locales…it certainly is no surprise

To be greeted by the most beautiful airport in the world, it was indeed a good start for our second honeymoon. The airport is essentially entirely outdoors with the departure lounge being a nice little street of quaint shops and bars. And trust me tome is of little importance at Koh Samui from the moment you arrive at the terminal and breathe the frangipani-scented tropical air, you feel yourself slow down and relaxed, which is one of the best things about the island. There is an overriding tranquility that transforms tourists from stress-merchants into serene smiling beings and there is much to do in this natural wonderland. Set on the beautiful and unspoiled beach of Choeng Mon on the northeast coast of Samui was our Hotel Imperial Boathouse. Our every whim was catered by the very friendly and obliging staff, and with so many dining options we were spoiled for choice. One can never get bored here with a host of activities ranging from just cycling around the island, Pre-arranging a romantic candlelight barbeque in front of the sea at leisure; one can wine and dine with the sounds of the ocean under the moonlit sky. For the ultimate indulgence one can retire to one’s sun beds for dessert and coffee and saver the true evening sky.

We decided that we couldn’t just relax by the pool and on the beach every day so we agreed to take a tour together around the island.  I found the first stop a bit strange, though these bunch of rocks look really cool, by the sea. What's weird is that one rock formation resembles the make genitalia and a crevice in another looks like the female genitalia, hence it is named Grandpa and Grandma Rocks. Basically these are rock formations and if you use just a bit of imagination they look like the male and female genitals.  One of the stories about this place being two star crossed lovers who jumped off the cliff there and the only thing remaining were these organs.

Next stop was a temple monastery (Wat Khunaram) where a revered monk's mummified body is kept in a glass case in a meditative position. He has been believed to give up his body during meditation, having predicted his own time of death. It seems like it is not just a tourist attraction but also a shrine for locals. Interestingly there was also a pair of sunglasses put on the monks face. 

We also visited a coconut plantation where trained monkeys climb trees and pick the right coconuts. We then moved on to the  Elephant ride park and hiked on a  hilly trail that  ended at a water fall , where we also indulged in some local street food consisting of Som Tam and grilled duck….mama mia!
That last evening we just chilled in our boat house and ordered room service and I thought to myself “with spectacular views all across, there’s no better place than this to chill out and relax, enjoying the hospitality and tropical ambience of this friendly paradise”. Despite the island’s luxury trend, Samui still has something for every type of traveller on offer. There are bikini-clad, oil-slicked tourists, crowded beach areas where teenage boys peddle mangoes and coconuts, and noisy jet-skiers churning up whitewash on the clear waters.Koh Sumai sure is a melting pot where the past and the present are smoothly blended together, offers a rare beauty that will compel you to return to its shores time and time again….

Getting there: Fly Thai airways from Delhi to Bangkok, then either fly Bangkok Airways or Thai.
Visa Wise: You require a valid passport and Visa is available on arrival too.
Best Time to visit: It is an all year destination.
Currency:  Thai Baht. 1Thai Baht is equal to 1.55 INR
Wear Wise: Loose cotton clothes are essential.
Must Do: learn Thai cooking, Water activities, Elephant Trekking, Visit the snake farm,