Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Osama Jalali and his Ammi Nazish
As most of us know, driving from Gurgaon to New Friends Colony can be quite cumbersome in case there is traffic but when I saw posts after posts of people sampling Osama Jalali and his Ammi Nazish’s delectable looking food, I simply had to go! Luckily for me the traffic wasn’t that bad and we reached without much hassle. I have known Osama Jalali for a few years now, but this was the time I met his Ammi Jaan for the first time and as the meal progressed I discovered that though she has no formal culinary training, she worked her way up owing to her passion for cooking. In Rampur her maternal home, her father used to be gifted dishes from the Royal Gharana, and she would leave no stone unturned to learn each recipe with all the trade secrets from the royal cooks and even replicated the same for her own family until she perfected each dish. Post her marriage she settled down in Jama Masjid and eventually mastered the art of cooking Old Delhi style food. It was her daughter-in-law who counselled her to share her incredible talent and the amazing cuisine to the rest of the country.
The irresistible Nalli Nihari
Coming to the food this was arguably the best meal experience to take a reasonably tasty culinary journey across Shahjanbad. The Kababs were a delectable beginning to a delightful evening and as I moved on to the main course the luscious taste of the delicious Nalli Nihari with Khameeri Roti lingered on my tongue indefinitely. The Saag Gosht was an epicurean satiation of the highest order; the mutton Biryani served with red chilli chutney is best enjoyed eating with your hands. To end on a sweet note go for the rustic  ‘ Doodh Emarti’ or the ‘Zarda Pulao’ Most dishes served have a balance of flavour and texture, the beauty of simplicity, and the understated sensuality. Foodies will appreciate the careful detail given to each dish, from the superior ingredients to the expert hands that craft each dish.
The Hari Mirch Queema is to die for!
Where? Ssence at the Suryaa, New Friends Colony, Delhi
Timings: Part of the Dinner Buffet where Ammi Nazish cooks four starters, four main courses and two desserts every day.
For Reservations: 011 26835070
Price: INR 1950
The festival is on till 21st December