Friday, October 9, 2015


A show which is an exceptional amalgamation of magical and mentalism’ 

Behold, ‘Magic by Tejas’ just launched by Kingdom of Dreams and Crossbow Entertainment launched is a spectacular show now playing at ShowShaa Theatre for the next three months.  A matchless mishmash of some of the best mentalist acts and exhilarating magic trickeries Behold enthralls and leaves the adults and the children alike captivated by the performances and utter creativity of the Magic artist Tejas.

The show not only brings alive an stimulating merger of mind baffling sequences and showbiz for the audience experience but also live in a world altered with fantasy. The 75 minutes long show builds up inquisitiveness in the minds of the spectators keeping them on the ends of their seats waiting with bated breath to know what the next minute will bring. Full of wonders and wow instants the show charms with its foot rhythm music and pizzazz and allure of the dancers escorting Tejas on stage, tickling and engaging the attention of the viewers, keeping them glued to their seats. Two times national award winner Tejas builds up the interest levels of the onlookers to a passion pitch and keeps them predicting till the last minute and brings each piece to a close with an overwhelming and grand flourish. With a substantial brew of dance, music and magic the charismatic exhibitions of spectacular acts and a chance at adventure, Behold takes the watchers on a fun roller coaster ride which makes bewitching memories. The show is on every Thursday at 3pm and every weekend at 3pm and 6pm for the next three months. As they say ‘Yeh Nahin Dekh Toh Kuchch Nahin Dekha’.