Thursday, October 15, 2015


Being a free spirit, I enjoy going to restaurants that are enthusiastic to go out of the ‘box’ and not troubled to go off the beaten track. Zorawar Kalra who started Farzi Cafe has been famed as a dynamic restaurateur for a good reason. His Indian cuisine is an extreme art form and modern interpretation of traditional Indian food with engineering precision. Though Farzi CafĂ© has many vegetarian options but this time round they have come up with a spectacular ‘Navratri special’ chef’s menu! All I want to say is it was a unique and sensational experience that not many restaurants are able to create. Food should be art, whether it’s vegetarian or not.

You could probably put the Buckwheat Tacos Twist in front of anyone, and 9 out of 10 of them would have no idea that it was a ‘Navratri special’. It tastes so good with the pumpkin filling and an exciting crunch from the water chestnuts and it does the one thing that so many dishes fail at–get the texture right. Even the presentation was impressive – very fresh and tasty.
The Sabudana Risotto topped with water chestnut crisps was great. I was a little worried with this strange nomenclature, but I shouldn’t have been–this is the best Risotto I have ever had made with sago. Despite my mother’s accolades, I would have no idea how to make sago taste so good, but theirs was incredible – creamy, flavourful and satisfying.
Would I recommend? The food was delicious, I have learned to love when vegetarian food is done well, and outside of your home kitchen, this has been the best ‘Navratri special meal’, I have had in Delhi. Also, mission matters to me and I have a lot of respect for the this place, for their dedication to serving wholesome and delicious food with a twist at affordable prices especially considering that they’re located in a neighbourhood with an abundance of food chains. If you go (and I hope you do), just keep in mind that this is a Limited menu and is only available during the Navratras.
This warm lauki ka halwa is to die for..replete with panjiri like Nitrogen chilled Singhara and dry fruit crumble

P.S. I do hope the chef retains the ‘Sabudana Risotto’ and the ‘Lauki Ka Halwa’ on its regular menu too!
If this generation ( That's my mom) is happy with the's obviously damn good