Thursday, December 11, 2014


Rawalpindi Atishi Chaamp
Lahore and Amritsar have a significant relationship. A common history binds them together in more ways than one and more so in the food, so when my friend Simarjeet Singh, General Manger at The Park Plaza, Gurgaon invited me for a culinary journey from Amritsar to Lahore at The Great Kabab Factory, there was No way I could say No!!
Atishi Paneer Tikka
“This food festival is an attempt to take you on a culinary journey from Amritsar to Lahore and bridging the gap between two Punjabs (east and west) that were divided by Radcliffe Line 67 years ago”, shares Simarjeet. He is right when he says this for antecedent to independence, although the cuisine was similar but had its own individual character. That said post-independence the cooking style changed perilously owing to the regional availability of ingredients in their specific countries and a couple of other factors. Anyway what’s Important is the passion for food; there is good food to be had at any given time from Amritsar to Lahore.
Jalandhari Seekh
Coming to my dinner as the tempting scents of smoky kebabs, spice-laden curries and smoking-hot ghee began to weave its way to my nose, my brain signalled, Decadent! Dinner began with kebabs but of course! We ploughed through an almost impossibly smooth ‘Galawati kabab’, flavoured with an array of spices, and a more traditional ‘Jalandhari Seekh Kabab’. They were followed by ‘Bhatti da Kukkad’ and luscious ‘mushroom tikkas’ topped with sharp, squishy blobs of butter,
Machli Amritsaari
Machhi Amritsari’, the lip- smacking ‘Murgh Seene de Pasande’ ( and more), And those were just the starters!! The main course included Indian breads of various kinds, a fragrant and beautifully cooked Gosht Biryani. They came with a mutton curry, thick and spicy and two lentils, for the vegetarians there was paneer but naturally. For dessert there were various hot and cold options running the gamut from exotic Jalebi, with Rabri, moong dal halwa to Kulfi, (all as much as you can manage!). The bottom line? Kudos to Chef Vakil for creating this decadent culinary journey, a true feast for all the senses! And in consonance, the best single malts with their peaty flavour match brilliantly with smoked grilled kababs. This is a place to head to for the whole experience: a long, leisurely dinner under the stars (not literally), company and conversation. Service at this well-appointed restaurant is near faultless.
The Great Kabab Factory
TGKF- Park Plaza Gurgaon
Festival Dates 5th December-21st December 2014 
Time: Dinner only – 07:00 pm to 11:30 pm all 7 days
For reservations: 9711878936

Following the ‘Serving an Unlimited Dining Experience’ through a unique and brand synonymous ‘sit in buffet’ concept; the uniqueness comes with the fact that all the menu items are served to your table in a pre-decided sequential chronological order. 

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