Saturday, December 7, 2013


‘Don’t miss the train’ at Sodabottleopenerwala I was told when I was just entering Cyber Hub by a friend, so kept it in mind to ensure not to miss it. Anyways, having lived in Mumbai and that too in Colaba for quite some part of my life, I always craved for an Irani café in Saadi Dilli and finally my wish comes true …
As I entered this eatery it brought back some delicious memories of living in South Bombay. I was awed by the big glass jars filled with Mawa cakes and cookies which lined up at a counter ( only thing amiss was an old man with thick spectacles behind the cookie counter) and equally by the cute eccentric set of rules on display which included ‘Outside food not allowed’, ‘ No feet on chair’,  ‘No talking loudly’, ‘No swearing’, ‘No talking to cashier’, ‘No abusing staff’, ‘No asking for discount’, ‘No wasting food’ , ‘No combing hair’, ‘No flirting’, ‘No laughing unnecessarily’, ‘No picking nose’ and ‘No address query’. And yes the little toy train just on top which does the merry go round was certainly a fun sight to watch. All in all ‘sodabottleopenerwala’ is like a time capsule of a bygone era replete with red chequered table cloths, bentwood chairs, portraits on the walls and a general air of quiet decay. Hats off to AD Singh for ideating such a place…and I must add here that I have been quite an admirer of most of his concepts.
Coming to the food, the husband and I tried almost everything on the menu. To start with first the positives, I absolutely loved each and every serving ware…oh so typical Parsee, outstanding items on the menu are refreshing ‘Limbu soda’, ‘Parsi Bheeda par Eeda’, ‘Lagan Nu custard’ and the ‘Baida Roti with Sheek’.
The Pao served with the Vada and the Kheema, I feel could be better. It does taste nice, but not like the one you would get at a ‘Jimmy Boy’ or a ‘Kyani & co’ in Mumbai, if you have been there; you will know what I mean. 


Having had the original ‘Berry Pulao’ at the legendary Britannia & Company (in Mumbai) which comes with a garnish of golden-fried onions and berries imported from Iran, (92 year old owner Boman Kohinoor keeps the recipe a guarded secret), I didn’t much care for sodabottleopenerwala ka Berry Pulao as even the berries here are not really the authentic ones. The Irani chai which is usually a thick overly milky, sweetened tea delicately flavoured with cardamom is what they need to work on too. Mohit Balachandran who runs this place (read with great gusto) took the feedback very well and ensured me that he absolutely knows the teething issues and is ensuring to make this place rock in terms of total authenticity in the food too…City’s foodies are already coming here in droves and more often than not there is a huge waiting outside the restaurant.
Ground Floor (it's closes to the main entrance), DLF Cyber Hub, Next to Building No. 8, Cyber City, Phase-II, Gurgaon
Timings: 11:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m.
To Reserve: (0124) 6518801; (+91) 8527636633
Meal for two: INR 1,200 approx. The restaurant does not have an alcohol licence yet.