Tuesday, May 14, 2013


With summer already here, the first thing that comes to our mind is that summer food is all about isolating the idea of sunshine and warmth while keeping things cool and refreshing. It makes good menu sense to take advantage of the summer fruits and vegetables. What else can be “fresher” than seasonal vegetables and all that is “freshly” available during the particular season? All season related fruits and vegetables should be relished. 

As a matter of fact with the onset of summer season we are eagerly waiting for these special seasonal delights to be brought home and we always take this occasion as a celebration. Mangoes, Strawberries, Watermelon, Sugar melon, Lichees are all fruits of summer.

 Tindas, Toris, Ghiya, kaddu etc are all summer vegetables.  

These seasonal vegetables or fruits or preparations are ways of the almighty to keep us hale and hearty, they support up in all ways so that we can cope up with the changing seasons. Elders have always advised to relish and enjoy the season’s bounty. However the safety of fresh produce should be considered, because it does carry both organic and chemical contaminants and the secret is wash, wash, wash!! Well-washed fresh fruits and vegetables are possible steps to protect ourselves to make sure the food we are consuming is safe.

Ideal food for a hot summer day – can be a bowl of chilled soup, like the age old Gazpacho or even a chilled aam ka panna, that’s delightfully decadent. Include raw mango and onion chutney in your meal, it’s amazing and would keep you cool all along. It’s the season for fresh salads, served on their own or with a slice of something from the grill. The range in the salad ingredients available on the shelves of super marts and green grocers is awesome. Salads should be dressed very light so that they stay crisp and fresh. The salad is as much a meal as it is a starter or side dish. Light meals are ideal for summer time and it’s a good season to let your digestive tract recuperate from the meat churning winter season. Lots of vegetables, this should be followed by chilled fresh fruits and ice-cream dessert.
Here are a few easy to make recipes which you could incorporate in your daily diet and chill out!!!!

Makes for 2-3 days
Raw Mango: 250gms; Onions: 300 Gms; Green chilly: 10 Gms; salt: to taste; Sugar: to taste; red chili powder: to taste.
] Grate the mangoes and onions. Grind the green chilies.
] Mix all together. Add sugar, red chili powder & salt as desired.
] Include with your meal every day.

Makes 4
Tomatoes: 200gms; Cucumber: 200 Gms; Ice Berg Lettuce: 100 Gms; salt: to taste; freshly ground pepper: to taste; freshly squeezed lemon juice: as reqd.
] Cut tomatoes and cucumber into dices. Tear Ice Berg lettuce into bite size pieces.
] Mix all together. Add lemon juice, salt and pepper as desired.

Makes 4
Watermelon: 800gms (deseeded & cut); Mint: a few sprigs; Rock salt: to taste;
] Cut chilled watermelon into large cubes.
] Mix with rock salt and fresh mint. Enjoy!!!

Makes 4
Mango: 200gms; Strawberries: 150 Gms; Sugar Melon: 200 Gms; Water Melon: 200 Gms; fresh mint: few sprigs; Vanilla Ice-cream: 1 or 2 scoops per person.
] Cut chilled fruits into medium size dices.
] Top with Vanilla Ice Cream. Garnish with fresh mint. Enjoy!!!

                                                         THIS SUMMER HAVE

·       A lot of salads with a light lemon dressing or basic vinaigrette.
·       Chilled fresh fruit juices, shakes.
·       Chilled fruits by themselves with/without rock salt.
·       Lemon water, Aam Ka Panna, Jaljeera.
·       Yogurt, plain or fruity.
·       Vegetables like Ghiya and Tindas in light gravy, (tomato curd gravy is quite cooling).
·       Curd rice.
·       Include raw mango& onion  or pudina chutney in your meal.