Monday, September 14, 2015


Iam at The Park Hotel’s ‘Fire’ to  Check out Contemporary Burmese cuisine with Celebrity chef Bawmra Jap and Executive Chef Abhishek Basu…..
The heroes- Chris Downer, Chef Bawmra, Chef Basu
Soothing lemonade and charming smiles welcomes us. ‘Would you like still or sparkling water?’, ‘don’t worry Chris will explain the menu to you.’, ‘Anything I can do to assist?’ All of this in five minutes of arrival! Iam enthralled with the service. It’s spot on. A special mention to Bomra Goa’s Chris Downer who is hands down one of the best Managers …with his knowledge, courteousness and philosophy of service …there’s no way you won’t get a great meal experience.
The  lightly seared beef with basil, mint, coriander and sprouts ambrosial!
Coming to the food, the menu features fresh, vibrant flavours from the region, with influences from the many cultures of modern and ancient Burma.
Seasonal vegetable tempura with shantofu ..tamarind doy dip
For starters deep Fried seasonal vegetables and shantofu with a tamarind soy dip had me oohing over the batter and texture soaking up the tart sauce with it. Tangy and moist this dish is a must order. Even though we polished off the Tempura I would like to ask to take the sauce home! I wonder if they jar it..?
Pickled tea leaf salad
The word ‘Thoke’ interprets as ‘Salad’ in Burmese and you will find a few of them on the Fire Menu in this promotion. The favourite salad for us is the (Laphet Thoke) a fairly iconic dish in Burma with pickled green tea leaf and a fascinating mix of a handful of ingredients such as peanuts, garlic, chili, dried shrimp, ginger, fish sauce and lime, creating a brilliant texture and zest!. The mains certainly don’t disappoint, ‘slow roasted pork with pumpkin wasabi mash and kokum jus’ … thrills the palate. The ‘Steamed snapper with lemon grass and galangal’ as the name suggests, is a culinary masterpiece where the all the flavours are steeped in the fish beautifully while steaming …the result is ambrosial.
steamed snapper with lemongrass and galangal
The ‘Tasting platter of chilli chocolate mousse with crushed white chocolate, crème brulee with lemongrass and ginger and coconut Panacotta with passion fruit coulis’ is a dessert worth waiting for and is a fitting and soothing ending to this luscious meal.
I must add that the food is not overly sweet, salty or spicy and focuses on each of the diverse produce that comes together to give the flavour, texture and uniqueness to each of the dishes…absolutely well balanced and each dish showcases a unification of flavours - all so acquainted yet so different. It is certainly a great introduction to Burmese cuisine. Bawmra presents a contemporary take on the best of Burma, doing fairness to the rich and speckled tapestry that makes up this interesting and delicious cuisine and Basu’s love for local ingredients takes one on a journey into a new dimension of tastes.
Chicken with shitake mushrooms cooked in a banana leaf..oustanding!
The park, 15-Parliament Street, New Delhi
Landline Number: +91-011-23743737
The pop up is on till the 20th of September for dinner only…My advice do not miss it!!

The Manadate pic - Akanksha Dean, Chef Bakshish Dean , Chris Downer, Chef Bawmra, Chef Basu