Friday, October 18, 2013


Veen that springs waters from pure springs in Lapland and Kotagiri initiated a great connect between Chef Samuli Wirgentius from Helsinki’s Michelin starred restaurant ‘Postres’ and Chef Manish Mehrotra of Indian Accent. Chef Manish just came back from Helsinki after showcasing a ‘Taste of Modern India’ at ‘Postres’…and now Chef Samuli is here creating some Nordic Magic at Indian Accent until the 20th of October …

Chef Samuli Wirgentius is the head chef and co-founder of the restaurant Postres in Helsinki, which was born out of Wirgentius’s idea of establishing Finland’s first restaurant to serve only desserts. He realised, though, that there was not enough demand for a menu offering desserts only and then expanded into a full range of dishes. Having worked and trained in multiple Michelin star restaurants in his cooking career, Chef Samuli earned his first Michelin star for Postres in 2008, only 2 years after the restaurant was opened in spring of 2006. Samuli relies on the classics and handicraft adopting traditional French cooking practices to present food based on the Nordic Kitchen. His idea is to recapture the flavours of Grandma’s house in a fancier form. Chef Manish Mehrotra, Executive Chef at Indian Accent as we all know is ambitious, creative and has an identity of his own.

The husband and I were invited along with a host of other foodies for a showcase of this spectacular culinary journey. If the kitchen is an Orchestra then I would say Finland’s best chef and our very dear Chef Manish here composed inventive, authentic and restful music in a search of the very finest results. There were champagne and beautiful wines to go with the food but I stuck to the Veen water, the sparkling was as yummy as the still.

The first course was potatoes, dill and brown butter, the comination ...a true culinary one line simple delicious flavours
First course

Chef Samuli put his creative energies to the Hay smoked scallops with grilled fennel, sorrel and fennel for the non vegetarians and the vegetarians got the Grilled fennel, sorrel, fennel pollen and Hay ash. Chef also made me try smell the fennel pollen later...which was unbelievably fragrant.
Hay smoked scallops with grilled fennel

After a yummy sorbet in the famed 'baby pressure cooker', it was time  to witness the stunning presentation of the charcoal grilled lamb served with exquisite broccoli, oysters and cabbage which perfectly complimented the dish. The vegetarians go the Roasted Endives instead...which was quite a stunner too!
charcoal grilled lamb

With winter round the corner, Chef Manish treated us to his style of makki di roti and sarson da saag....yummy yummy yummy with dollops of white makhani popcorn ...the punjabi in me just jumped with joy literally.

Malai corn, sarson ka saag, white butter popcorn

Sample this bacon, chicken, nuts and garlic in your khichree, you would think the chef is crazy....he ain't trust me the humble khichree couldn't taste better.

Indian Accnet Kitsch...reee
Last but not the least, the Finnish summer aka strawberries, whipped cream and ice put a smile on everyone's face...a yummy ending to the decadent meal...
I would say this restaurant with a long list of loyal clients needs very little endorsement... for example living in Gurgaon, Indian Accent perhaps is the only place that I am happy to drive down all the way to's absolutely worth it..!!
Indian Accent at The Manor, 77 Friends Colony (West), New Delhi
Tel: 91 11 4323 5151.
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