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Prateek Sadhu & Garima Arora
Prateek Sadhu’s Masque is no stranger to collaboration meals. His collaboration with Mathew Orlando, head chef of Amass was a big hit and this one with Gaa was sold out within a month.On the Occasion of its first anniversary Masque celebrated over a collaboration meal with Chef Garima Arora of Gaa, Bangkok!
The menu begins with the first course in the Masque kitchen...Garima Arora explains how to eat this tender and delicious corn with the gorgeous corn custardy dip
Chef Prateek Sadhu takes the very best from the fertile land of India. Simplicity made elegant; the quintessence of Masque cuisine!! on the occasion of Masque's first birthday chef collaborated with Garima Arora of Gaa Bangkok and both focused their talents on producing light and delicious dishes, using Avant -garde techniques to revisit Indian Ingredients heritage! The menu is sixteen courses, profoundly showcasing Indian ingredients.
Barramundi/Milk Skin
Garima’s winner of a dish is the beautiful Barramundi wrapped in a taco like casing which she calls Milk skin. The exclusively stylish plating is drool worthy and one would want to dig into it right away, and so I did! The milk skin is actually ‘Malai’, inside which sits this flavorful fish ….sinful indeed! Her minced chicken, quite like the Thai Larb is a stunner and marries well with the Black sticky rice.
Chicken Liver/Toast.....couldn't be better than this!
Right off the bat, Prateek Sadhu takes the trail less trekked with something familiar, yet done in a totally outlandish way.
Ice lolly of Seabuckthorn is served with a black pepper mousse, and presented simply and beautifully that you can mistake this pre dessert for a Salmon and cream cheese bagel. Goodness, we have this berry in Ladakh and I have never experienced it like this before. I wish I had a few more bites. It’s refreshing, subtly sweet and umami!Indeed yes, I have had standout meals with a robust native focus, but Masque is the first to offer such a panoramic swing of the country. Each dish in the menu ended up as short term lesson for geography , history and a compliment to our home-grown culture.
Divine Duck Doughnuts


 1.When talking about native and exclusive  produce, India is absolutely abundant. For  a hunter like Sadhu, our country is  an absolute cornucopia.
  2. The menu cultivates a passion for taste
 3. Respectful of the seasons from genuine tastes the plates are classical and original
 My able company at the Gaa Masque collaboration meal! DiviaThani Editor In Chief of Conde Nast Traveller Magazine, Purva Mehra co founder & Editor The Daily Pao & Greg Foster Editor Architectural Digest

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