Friday, October 31, 2014


I know I took a while to visit Amreli, mostly because I kept hearing mixed reviews, some really like it, some not but as they say ‘ Taste of the pudding is in the Eating’! If you live in South Delhi or Gurgaon and are looking for delicious food in a cute place not too far away, I would recommend Amreli at The Diplomat Hotel. No matter what you order, this is comfort food at its finest.

As you wait to be joined by company or simply wait for your meal to arrive for one, take in the memorabilia scattered around the restaurant and bar modelled on that of an upmarket London diner replete with a beautiful chessboard floor, mirrors and artworks aplenty. Or simply saunter along the alfresco area, in the Bistro’s quiet courtyard and take a peek at the lush green and perky seating!

The kitchen turns out an all-time favourites inspired menu which reflects famed Chef Saby’s (Sabyasachi Goral) collective experiences and has influences of his culinary curiosity which is translated through sourcing fresh local ingredients and ensuring each dish is distinctively unique in flavour and texture. A chef in the true sense Saby looks to nature’s bounty to act as his beacon, guiding him to create clean and harmonious dishes.
We opted for the Eggs Benedict with Keema and were extremely impressed with how delicious the twist was. We easily could have ordered seconds but of course there was more to sample.
It was pretty difficult to choose between the Chettinad Chicken & Sole Meen Moilee but the latter was highly recommended by a customer sitting on the next table so I knew it would be a hit. This dish had very complimentary flavours and tasted brilliant with steamed rice though I ordered some Hot Appams too which were delicious. It settled us into a comfortable state allowing for conversations to flow. We each took turns trying the others dishes because they all looked and tasted so delightful. The Quinoa Salad however was a tad disappointing as it was all hidden under the hugely cut is very important for the prime ingredient to be visible because that's what the mind imagines while ordering a dish.Amreli also creates imaginative, refreshing and tasty beverages like the ‘Lemon cheese cake cooler’ my daughter ordered. It has a fine selection of wines by the glass and bottle and also offers beer and soft drinks. The ambiance is perfect for conversation, and the service is friendly, unpretentious and efficient. The attention to detail is apparent in every bite. You will savour flavours that linger far longer in your mind than the kaleidoscope of taste sensations hang around on the palate, and that’s a great thing so, trust me, you will want to keep going back.

WHERE? 9, Sardar Patel Marg, Diplomatic enclave
RESERVATIONS: 011 46050200
TIMINGS: 12PM to 12AM Open all 7 days
SEATING: 48 (inside), 12 (bar) and 50 (outside)
DAMAGE: Average Meal for two approx.: Rs. 1400-1600 (without alcohol)
MENU: All day breakfast, Coastal Indian, Sandwiches, Salads, Indian bites
PROMOTED BY: Sidhant Lamba


 Exploring Brunel’s ‘SS Great Britain’ museum ship and former passenger steamship, set in Bristol’s historic dockside allows visitors to step into the shoes of a Victorian sailor and climb the huge mainmast (while strapped into a harness) in the attraction. Go Aloft! 

We got a warm welcome from the ferry crews who took us from Temple Meads Quay to the SS Great Britain through Bristol’s historic harbour…sheer delight! The location is very charming with full visitor reception and well laid out site aka the massive ship in the original dry dock in which she was built and is now resting and its conservation are impressive in their own right, but the presentation and interpretation make it accessible and fascinating. The separate museum is alongside and full of diagrams, models and working exhibits. The themes of technological innovation and social history run through the exhibits and made for a great experience for me and I would say it’s worth a trip to Bristol on its own. The flow of the visit – ‘underwater’ view, museum and then the ship itself, is amazingly effective, the audio guides work well, and we also loved the opportunity to climb the rigging and go out a yard in the end (at a height of something like 100 feet over the deck - but with a safety harness!).

It is truly a fascinating ship with lots to see and do. Imagining the long crossing to Australia cooped up in cattle class is an eye opener, the more senior members of the crew did not exactly have a luxurious crossing. My favourite bit was going below the ‘water line’ to see the hull and visit the really cleverly restored decks within the ship with everything in place that gave the flavour of a voyage in the first large ship to cruise the oceans in total luxury with a moving massive steam engine amid ships. This really was an unexpected treat , though I had been told by numerous people how good it was but as always one wonders how much hype is involved, and now even I Highly this wonderful attraction as you can actually walk in the footsteps of the early mariners and passengers. You are not looking at the ship from behind a glass screen, but actually walking, sitting and standing on and below the decks. As I mentioned above, for the more adventurous, there is an opportunity to climb the rigging. Absolutely realistic and interesting! First class travel these days, is nothing like the era people sailing on the SS Great Britain experienced. The working model of the turbine engine is terrific and so interesting, along with all the artefacts that were found on the ship…so if you are in London to make a trip to Bristol just for this! Go Aloft people!

WHERE? Great Western Dockyard, Gas Ferry Rd, Bristol BS1 6TY, United Kingdom
LAUNCHED: July 19, 1843
WEIGHT: 3,679 tons

published in statesman