"Rupali is an excellent writer/journalist as she tries to bring out the true picture and emotion of any situation. Her passion for food and travel can be seein in her writing because as a reader you are transformed into the continent and the food she is immersed in. Rupali's zest for photography is seen in the real life pictures of the scenery, people & food" Amit Burman
Amit Burman, Vice Chairman Dabur India Ltd.

"Rupali is one woman who truly exemplifies the proverb-'good things come in small packages'. This petite lady is a powerhouse of talent. Her knowledge on food, her experience in travel, her eye that captures such minute details in the pictures she shoots make her all in all a package that makes each assignment of hers excel. And over that her humility and down to earth nature makes her a delight to work with. God Bless you Rupali. You truly embody the word ROCK STAR" Director Rraj Kaushal
Director Rraj Kaushal

" Rupali is the one of the best food writers that I have ever met until now. In addition to good quality of articles and photos she presents us, she really encourages other people - colleagues, other writers, sources on every single spot. She makes other people happy. If someone wants to be a good food writer, he/she must have a very warm heart to love life and to care for people over food. She is that writer!!" Hong In ( Hiro) Park, Editorial Director (Walk Company), Bar & Dining Magazine, Seoul Korea.
Hong In ( Hiro) Park, Editorial Director (Walk Company), Bar & Dining Magazine, Seoul Korea.
"I quite enjoy reading Rupali Dean’s posts on food and travel as I feel they are interesting and informative. Her keen eye and patience on capturing the right frame makes her an avid photographer on food and lifestyle. She is very organized and professional , which makes her amazing to work with "
Deepak Tijori, Actor & Director
Actor Director Deepak Tijori

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