Friday, January 31, 2014


On the eve of the Month of Love.....let me share


Valentine's Day is a great opportunity to focus on love. Make your "Focus-on-Love Day" extraordinarily romantic, so here are some different things you can do to add a little spice to your Valentine's Day.


Want to feel pampered and special? Spas are the right places to help one rejuvenate, relax and charge oneself. There are lots of exotic indulgences the luxury spas have on offer. A Spa treatment is just the thing to bring to bring the zing back and make one feel romantic on Valentine’s Day and what can be better than having it together.


Since most of us work, order dinner from your favorite restaurant at home. This works especially well if you have children. Once they go to bed, you could have a late, quiet dinner for two. Don’t forget to dress to kill for the occasion. Lady should wear her most beautiful black evening dress, while the man can wear a Black suit with a white shirt and match it with sexy cologne And while she’s doing her make-up and hair (women take a while to these extra things), she’d be elated if her man put on some quiet, background music, lit the candles and sets a romantic setting. In fact create a love gazebo at home complete with romantic candles potpourri love cushions, sequins, curtains and much more. Another added feature to this could be a fireplace. If you have one, light one. The fire surely will add a romantic flare to the evening, especially if it is cold in February. If you don't want to do a full course dinner, wine and cheese works well too, or whatever beverage and snack you and your loved one prefers. Any way you do it, setting the scene for a romantic quiet time together will convey the feelings of love and companionship, you want to express. Trust me after those killer looks and dinner, you’ll surely end up dancing and sitting on the couch, telling how much you love each other and it will end up as the most romantic evening of your life.


You could do this for your spouse, it’s different and it’s fun Write up little notes about how you feel about her and what she means to you and place them around the house along with a candy heart or a red rose .To make it more exciting add a riddle at the end of each note about where to find the next note, some could be naughty ones too, just like in a game of Treasure hunt. In the last note, write “see you soon” along with two tickets for a romantic movie and a Limousine filled with red roses waiting for her to be picked up. Wait there for her at the cinema hall, give her a red carpet welcome and if you could manage to book a hall like PVR’S Gold class Lounge “just for the two of you”, she’ll be simply overwhelmed. 


Though an age-old idea but it sure hits off well with women… You could Serenade the love of your life with flowers. Get the flowers delivered accompanied by a violinist and cello player to play your special love song. Candlelight dinner for two at a restaurant is a good idea. You could book a table at your favorite restaurant.


Another romantic venture that says I love you to your spouse is a romantic getaway. Take her out for a Bed and Breakfast package in the most posh and elegant hotel nearby your city or in the city itself. The Bed and Breakfast experience is for those who like meeting other people and being a little pampered with a nice, big breakfast. It’s for those who like the idea of room service and a Jacuzzi; a hotel room is the way to go. Get splashing- Enjoy a bath, Jacuzzi, together. You have quiet time to yourselves, in a place where your focus can be and stay where you want it, with each other. But if you want to really get away from it all and really want to go all out, a weekend getaway may be just be it. Remember to check up with your local travel agent about great weekend escapes or you could even do a net search.

Whatever way you do it, remember to say “I love you” as often as you can as for a Woman it is probably one of the most treasured gifts she could receive. It doesn't cost a penny and your love is essentially the best gift you can give of yourself.