Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Flamboyance galore 
On a recent trip to Bangkok, I dined at Mezzaluna at the Lebua Hotel. The daily tasting menu that features modern innovative cuisine from world renowned twin master chefs Mathias and Thomas Suhring is to die for. The twin chefs came together at Mezzaluna combining the best of their Michelin star experience to create a unique dining experience, where they have never stopped innovating and delighting diners with their culinary creations. If that’s not enough, as part of the refined dining experience on board all Lufthansa First and Business class flights, the twin chefs have been selected to craft a discerning menu up in the sky. 
Red Mullet....absolutely decadent!!

“We are united in our passion for food, and we both bring something different to the table. We bounce ideas off each other during the afternoons and we experiment together before formally introducing a new dish to the gastronomic menu”, Say Thomas and Mathias in Unison.
Foodie that I am had to know, how on earth do they dish out each dish perfectly, on time in such a busy restaurant? It must be taking hours to do the misc.-en-place I asked. Thomas & Mathias took me to the back of the house and guess what they showed me?? A KitchenAid stand mixer!! ‘That’s our best friend in the kitchen’, shared the twins and ‘our work time really gets reduced at the press of a button…literally!!’…they further added.
The twin chefs standing proud with their KitchenAid stand mixer
At this restaurant, flamboyance is not just limited to display, the chefs have worked magic with ingredients sourced from around the world to create a lavish menu and they attribute their success also to good ingredients and equipment. After Vue-De-Monde and now this I am kind of getting convinced that the KitchenAid stand mixer is probably quite helpful for a chef to better his product and save oodles of time!