Thursday, August 4, 2011


What is Casar Ritz?
A solitary road in the hillside over Blitzingen in the Goms Valley of the Valais in Switzerland lead me to the Alpenhotel castle, where Chef owner and Mountaineer Peter Gschwendtner serves decadent meals inspired by and named after Casar Ritz himself ( the famous Hotelier, who was born in nearby Niederwald). Magnificent suites overlooking the valley allowed me to experience ever longer the seductive pleasures of this beauty spot. Cuisine wise Peter sure is demanding, meticulous and passionate about regional produce and a lover of unusual combinations, which lead me on a bewitching and unexpected culinary voyage. One can even put together one’s own menu chosing from a range of dishes based on the best local produce.

Casar Ritz makes this list because
“Chaschtebiel” housed a castle where now the Alpenhotel stands, a proud reminder of those times. The cuisine is as amazing as the scenery surrounding it.16 points by the famous Gourmet guide “Gault Millau” reinforce the extremely high level and the creative variety with which Peter has been pampering his guests for many years now. He sure does pose a designer eye on his surroundings, seeking to make each meal an encounter between the ambience, the dish and the creation.

Casar Ritz stands out for
Every dish from the salad to the venison did not disappoint- a consistency of standards that added to my dining pleasure. However my vote goes all out to the “The Trio of Fish” which comes in three forms namely grilled, smoked salad and terrine is surely a special treat

Who makes Casar Ritz?
Simplicity and balance are the buzzwords alongside the dedicated kitchen and service teams which have transformed the restaurant into a culinary must be place in Switzerland.

Hotel Castle, Chastebiel
3989 Blitzingen. Switzerland.
Tel. +41 (0) 27 970 17 00

Published in The Man (writer Rupali Dean)