Tuesday, May 19, 2015


The restaurant is designed to offer the most genuine Italian dining experience outside of Italy!

Cosy and intimate, Prego takes you away from the hustle and bustle of city life; as the glass doors of this Italian Adventure open, one is overwhelmed with the state-of-the-art elements with authentic artwork, an open kitchen, visual light earthen colour scheme; glass blocks in different colours, a rich wine cellar (as in the wine is excellent!) and the exotic fragrance of Italian food. 
And once we got comfortable we experienced the best of Italian cooking by Chef Emiliano Di Stefano who focuses on the root of the food. In the grand tradition of Italian cuisine Emiliano serves innovative flavours and textures that only an Italian chef will put to a dramatic effect.
To whet appetites, the ‘Caesar salad classico’ sets the right mood, nice and crisp lettuce, though the dressing is extra cheesy (no complaints!). I enjoyed their ‘black mussels and clams’ done to a tasty perfection with plenty of garlic and flavoured with parsley and white wine. 

Pasta is made fresh here every day to guarantee the best quality. The ‘Aglio olio pepperoncino’ is absolutely delicious with their special diavola of garlic and chilli oil. The ‘tortellacci ai funghi’ handcrafted mushroom tortelli, spinach and cheese fondue, truffle sauce took me straight to Alba…I could actually get the pleasing earthy smell…mama mia! The ‘wild mushroom risotto’ was to die for and the thin crispy ‘pizzas’ especially the flavourful gorgonzola are wonderful. Some main dishes like the ‘braised lamb shank’ with saffron risotto and ‘salt crusted sea-bass’ are truly outstanding. Save a little room for the heavenly ‘Traditional Tiramisu’ and trust me, Prego is ready to spread its magic in amchi Dilli! And yes, constant action and mischievous gimmicks are integral to the truly engaging, lively and interactive spirit of the dining experience out here…I got totally fooled, though it brought laughter on her table. All in all, if anyone has succeeded in bringing the ambience of a lively Italian piazza indoors, it would be Prego. Visit here for a relaxing meal with friends.
The WestIn Gurgaon, New Delhi, No 1 MG Road, Gurgaon-122002
For Reservations: 0124 4977777. Extension 7841
Meal for two: INR 3,500 plus taxes without alcohol.

Don’t miss Prego’s ‪#‎Pastificio (Handcrafted Pastas) Food Festival where they introduce your palette to delicious flavours at‪#‎PREGO.
INSALATA CRUDAIOLA… Hand crafted three colour farfalle, cherry tomato, black olives, buffalo mozzarella, rucola and seared sesame tuna fillet
RAVIOLID’ANATRA …. Hand crafted duck ravioli with tomato confit, orange sauce and jus
MEZZELUNE ALLA CAPRESE handcrafted tomato and buffalo mozzarella ravioli with basil sauce and tapenade
PASTA AL FORNOgolden gratin of rigatoni pasta, chicken meatballs, eggplant, hardboiled eggs, melted cheese and tomato sauce
BUGIE RIPIENE …hand crafted custard, chocolate and berries, jam ravioli, vanilla sauce, strawberries