Sunday, November 2, 2014


If you want a Pan Asian restaurant with plenty of space (when its full of people), Yum Yum Cha may not be for you. But if you are willing to sacrifice some of the atmospheric frills that accompany most residents for an excellent, thoughtful meal, then go for it. That said it is tastefully decorated and a cascade of pleat formed butterflies in vibrant colours which cover the ceiling of the origami-themed restaurant is an eye candy and gives the place a lively and cheerful feel. Located in the city’s ultra-hip and busy Select City mall in Saket, the line out the front door every day at this brand new eatery supports that. Take a close look at each section of the menu, and you will find something different and eye-catching. Order it and you would know that the flavours here can be both clear or complex, always well-expressed and often laid out cleverly by a deft hand. 

It was impossible not to enjoy myself that afternoon; Yum Yum Cha has done a valiant job bringing delicacies like ‘Takoyaki’, aka fried dumplings - crisp on the outside and melt in the mouth inside, brought piping hot to the table – literal translation – Octopus, but don’t worry they have chicken and cheese pepper options too to a hip, cool, and mainstream audience, and for that, I tip my hat. Choice selections of quality sushi and Dimsums are the order of the day! But What I really enjoyed was the sticky rice with chicken and basil that arrived in a sizzling stone pot which the server mixed up with vegetables, chestnut, and prawns on the table…really special. I would say if you’re going to eat carbs, you might as well do it in style.
To end on a sweet note I would highly recommend the Coconut and Jaggery Mochi Ice cream, the pounded sticky rice and sugar based vibrant shell adds to the taste and these are morsels divinely creamy in texture and taste, but you could give the Matcha Green Tea ice cream a skip. Overall I think this Pan Asian Bistro is a great spot for a casual lunch. Quick, easy and good value for money – hard to argue with that! Plus I love being able to see through the hole in the wall to see and hear what the cooks are up to. I have heard a few times already from a few different sources that the dinner is great too; I suppose I’ll have to check it out in that case.

WHERE? Select City walk, Saket, Second Floor, New Delhi – 110017
FOR RESERVATIONS CALL: 011-41553030, +91 9810002994
TIMINGS: 11:00am to 11:00pm
PROMOTERS: Varun & Prathna Tuli