Sunday, October 11, 2015


To most of us, ‘social gaming’ equals online multiplayer sessions in Destiny, or chasing the leader boards on candy-coloured mobile games. At SMAASH, it’s more like a ‘Virtual reality theme park’ come live which might beckon images of roller coasters, digital carousels etc but here it is this and much more, a fusion of the best interactive games ever and obviously it is very unlike stay-at-home experiences, visitors enter the physical location of one of their Virtual Entertainment Centres and don top-of-the-line headsets, programmed to match up any number of digital worlds to the structures this 47,000 sq. feet center is occupying.
I would highly recommend the world’s first 360 degree cricket simulator where one can experience first-hand facing cricket legends like Dale Steyn, Wasim Akram and of course the master blaster Sachin Tendulkar ( who was also in attendance at the launch of this  sports-centric immersive and interactive entertainment and gaming center  at DLF Cyber Hub, Gurgaon ). We also liked the ability to use real equipment (i.e. bat and ball) while playing in an immersive simulated environment. In addition, this simulator is so robust and full featured that I feel it could even be used as a training solution for serious cricket players.
Then there are games like walk the Plank, Finger Coaster, Fly Max, Face Ronaldo and Vulcan Force wherein the technology creates the illusion that the player is exploring miles of terrain or incredibly tall structures or probably some other mind illusion without ever leaving the game pod. The end result is a physical connection to the virtual world and a sense of exploration never before possible.

If you are a Football fan you must absolutely challenge the Super-Sonic Goalkeeper while playing Football Super Keeper and other interesting football games.
The thrill of the G-force by trying the X2 Racing is another good bet or alternatively you could just enjoy pleasant banter at the arcade games or at Ten Pin Bowling. After or in between all the sporting excitement, one can chill out at ‘Unforked CafĂ© & Bar’, the multi-cuisine restaurant and bar over some exciting cocktails, food (The Pizzas here are delicious) and yes…there’s also a huge screen here where you can indulge in watching more sports.
So when I went there with my family we decided we are going to try everything and anything we can think of to make it fun and memorable and sure enough we did. Truly I can’t think of a greater mistake than trying to integrate smartphones with sports just because you can. The last thing I want is someone thinking that it’s a good idea to disconnect from the unique elements of a game to look at replays or update their fantasy standings or concentrate on trying to predict what will happen next in the game. It’s so much more fun when as a family you collectively hold your breath during a replay, or respond to a great game. That’s not to say that smartphones don’t have a place in other sports, but games on a hand held just doesn’t work for me.
WHERE? Smaaash, Dlf Cyber Hub, Cyber City, Phase 2, NH 8, Gurgaon 

The first interactive multi-sports simulator was originally pioneered for coin-operated applications. With those systems, the commercial side of virtual entertainment was revolutionized. With some of the highest operator revenues to date, virtual sports have proven to be a winner for all kinds of establishments.