Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Nearly four decades of Bukhara is a Celebration of Choice;
The food is as amazing as ever, hence it is a reason to Rejoice!

Intense flavours, rustic ambience, flawless service will have you floored,
Trust me with the amazing crisp concept your palate would never get bored!

For the celebrations that begin from the 2nd until the 11th of August,
There are lots of offers that to check it out, go there, you must!

A complementary glass of champagne between 8:30 pm until 10:30 pm so a great idea to go with your friends, family or maybe just spouse,
You could also be lucky to be a part of the chef’s winning table and get your dinner on the house!’

Executive Chef JP Singh also gives you the legendary Dal Bukhara with his compliments,
It is said, a deep whiff of the Dal Bukhara is sure to take you to the rugged foothills of the North West Frontier, which sure is a big accomplishment!

For those who do not know, Bukhara has sold 2.5 Millions of this Dal since 1978, which was its inception,
I have never ever loved a Dal so much too, so this one is really an exception!

A surprise give-away and memorabilia for the host of the table also awaits,
This is of course after you have licked your plates!

Thankfully for the large green (veg) and red (Non-veg) Aprons,
You can enjoy this North West frontier cuisine as it is meant to be, without any limitations!

Did you know the famous artist M.F. Hussain, when he came here for a meal?
Put his paint brush to it, painted his famous horses, and as a memento to his favourite Bukhara gave them such a good deal!

This celebration is an ode to the faith of each and every Bukhara diner.

So go one , go all , whether you are an adult or an above 10 year old minor!