Wednesday, September 2, 2015


So Leaping Caravan contacted me to try out their food. Really? Free food? Bring it on! The hook was they wanted me to fairly blog about it. I am fine about being honest. And I thought too bad for them, because this sounded like another one of those home delivery options. Why not? It sounded too extravagant. Well it was fancy, and to my surprise and absolutely amazing value. What was it? 

Well if you crave hearty comfort food, like the ones served authentic; made exactly the way the families used to make it decades ago, meant to give customers a throwback to the Grand Trunk Road. Leaping caravan has you covered with items like Railway Chicken curry and Sukha Mutton. The food is prepared and delivered hot to your home; all you need to do is just have to serve. Megha Tuli’s (Founder & Co-Owner of Leaping Caravan) mission is to make eating healthy everyday ridiculously simple, producing hand me down ancestral recipes, made with love in their kitchen for homes with the freshest ingredients and prepared with chemical free vegetables. The menu is inspired by the concept of redefining the ‘Indian Dhaba’ around the corner with their focus on home delivery.

The best part is that you can order this food and pretend it’s made at home and that’s what I did (I can be a bit naughty at times). Barring my mother, no one on the table knew what was served for dinner was not made at home and all were absolutely impressed by the dinner menu. The star for me was the ‘Sukha Mutton’, the husband took a bite and said, ‘This has been made really well, the dry gravy is just like how Dad used to make’.  The paneer Bhurji was another hot favourite on the table.
The ‘Ghee Shakkar Roti’ and the ‘Cheeni Parantha’ for dessert got me applaud. Naughty I am but not dishonest, so I owned up as soon as the meal was over that it wasn’t me but the Leaping Caravan folks that made the food! And the husband smiled and said, ‘Everything seemed so home-style but the Biryani and the kheer kind of gave you away’!
So all in all I would definitely recommend Leaping Caravan for a good home delivery option as some of the family recipes will surely get you nostalgic as thankfully the recipes are not conquered by cream, butter and garam masala owing to the purity and sanctity of ingredients and is simply good food.
To place an order call – 9015141688 or log onto
Timings: 12:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Outlets: Gurgaon & Saket, Delhi NCR
Leaping Caravan also has something called the Comfort Corner consisting of options that most of us have loved and have grown up on but are usually not available in most restaurants – including Rajma Chawal, Kadhi Chawal, Anda Parantha and Paneer Bhurji.