Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Fun in the kitchen with Chef Rishim Sachdeva & Chef Guy Clark
My friend Bikram Singh who is a restaurant consultant, invited me to one of his new places, soon to be launched  for some fun photography as I bumped into him while clicking some market shots in the vicinity. Being a one to get all the foodie news, I couldn't say no to the tempting offer! This restaurant called 'Uzuri'  in GK, M Block Market will be very soon open to public and offers an interesting take on European cuisine aka it's African influenced. One of the Chefs Rishim Sachdeva ( a real cool dude) has worked at The Fat Duck under Chef Heston Bluementhal and has also worked in a couple of other Michelin Star Restaurants. The Other Chef Guy Clark is a passionate Gourmet and was one of the top 5 contestants in Master Chef South Africa. He left his job as a ranger to pursue cooking! Both the chefs have one more thing in common apart from being absolutely fun to be with which is they both love using the KitchenAid Stand Mixer. 'It makes our job easy you see', they say in Unison. 
As they say, pictures speak louder than words, see below the fun we had!!

Bikram trying to spoil the pic as Amullya walks into the terrace :)
The yummy kiwi cooler, the bar tender specially made for me
The naughty chef Rishim pointing out that 'KitchenAid stand mixer' is the real chef :)

'On a serious note working in the kitchen is my passion and I love having fun as we work....happy team equals to happy customers and yes I love my kitchenAid stand mixer as well' , smiles Chef Guy Clark

The Team posing

Chef Pretending to eat with the chef knife :)

The serious food...the real hero....a la Michelin