Sunday, May 31, 2015


This is a restaurant that dazzles-from chic Japanese interior design, to the superb cuisine and service

From the moment you set foot on the pathway leading to the restaurant, which meanders through a charming courtyard, you begin to forget you are in Delhi. Guppy by ai’s quirky interior is reminiscent of a Japanese style fairyland, with and a bar which also manages to ooze some coziness!
I had planned my visit to try the summer menu which seemed inviting enough but obviously I did not restrict myself as the main menu is far more varied, with its wide scope of choices, as well as interesting combinations, it drew my interest so I settled for a combination from both.
Chef Vikram Khatri will ask if there is anything you don’t eat and then start masterfully. Try not to linger—this is sushi you would want to eat right away, at optimal fish and rice temperatures. Recommendations go all out for the included exquisitely fattychu-toro (tuna), super fresh ‘Shake maki’. Each piece was a work of art, though quickly consumed! A wood smoked Pumpkin soup followed. I am not a huge fan of pumpkin soup but I found this one to be particularly delectable. It was light and had the perfect balance of sweet and savoury.  

The ‘Seaweed and Mesclun Salad’ deserves an applause owing to the right amount of crunch drizzled with the refreshing piquant plum vinaigrette and trust me full of antioxidants, it’s practically health food! The ‘Tofu and Water Chestnut Motoyaki’ made me sit up, mainly because of the buttery sauce-the chef’s secret. Another highlight includes the delicious tempura, despite the deep-frying; it is rather light and remarkably greaseless. The summer menu also offers Cold soba or udon meant to be simple, easy, and quick, and also cool you down from the hot weather but I was craving some hot main course so we opted for an Udon Noodle soup with a delicious pork broth, decadent to the core! 
Parchment fish
And yes do not miss the ‘Parchment Fish’, it is light and refreshing and just what the summer ordered. I loved the way Chef Vikram has used fresh and seasonal ingredients like Cherry Blossom flowers, Tokasa Seaweed, Kobocha, Yellowtail and Water chestnuts to make the dishes just right to beat the heat!
And there is nothing quite like The ‘Gooseberry Fizz with gin’, ‘Sendai with vodka, kiwi, lime and melon’ and ‘Okinava with sake, vodka and cherry blossom flowers’ on a hot Delhi day!! If it suits your preference the restaurant also offers kaiseki (Japanese set meals) for lunch that harmonise with the seasons. I skipped the dessert as I was too full but my daughter Akanksha who is a budding chef said the Red Velvet cake was ‘kickass’ with delicious cream cheese frosting and Chef Vikram was kind enough to give her a peek into his kitchen. I loved the whole Guppy by ai experience. Over the years, I have been familiarized to some wonderful Japanese chefs, all of whose restaurants are worth a visit in their own right. ..But Guppy by ai is very different from the ones in Delhi as Chef Vikram’s food rewards gentle perseverance and a willingness to try anything.

Chef Vikram Khatri giving Akanksha Dean a sneak peek as he makes the Sushi
Address: 28, Main Market, Lodhi Colony, New Delhi
Timings: 12 to 3.30pm and 7pm to 1am
Lunch for two without alcohol: 1300 ++
Dinner for two without alcohol: 1800 ++
For Reservation: 01124690005 / 6, +919650185005
Facebook: guppy by ai