Tuesday, July 7, 2015


As I walked through the doors twice (yes I had a meal here on two consecutive evenings) of this Italian Adventure, I was overwhelmed with the majestic feel of a multi levelled restaurant replete with a 25 feet high ceiling , two flights of stairs, a vibrant show kitchen and exotic fragrance of Italian food. The restaurant consists a rich bar (as in the wine is excellent!) and of course I cannot talk of the bar and not mention ‘Ema’ the vivacious bartender ever ready to whip you up a heady cocktail of your choice and she keeps her bar like a Laboratory where she is forever experimenting with new flavours only to present her best and boldest creations: drinks like the Oak-aged Negroni with cherry wood smoke and the JW style spiced Old Fashioned with homemade garam masala syrup.
A visit to the kitchen revealed that there truly are a lot of specialists working in here and chef keeps them all busy. Pasta dishes are made in-house, and completely by hand, in the old artisanal way. For example to make perfect Tortellini (round shaped) one needs talent, experience, dedication, a professional environment and simply a lot time and trust me this and the rest of the handmade pasta menu that includes a wide range of delicacies like Gnocchi (made of potatoes only), a series of artfully shaped of pasta pockets like Raviolo (square-shaped) as well as noodles that vary in size from very thin ones Angel Hair to very broad ones Pappardelle are no less spectacular. 
But before that, savour the selection of antipasti, soups and chef’s salad selection. The vibe is homey, comfort Italian chow like ‘Minestrone’ and ‘Aglio olio’ are done to perfection.

Recommendations go all out for the Burrata, which means ‘buttered,’ a luscious, creamy fresh cheese made by mixing cream and unspun mozzarella curds together,  this is one simple dish which tastes good only if done right  and here kissed by sweet basil pesto alongside heirloom tomatoes was absolutely decadent to the core. The warm mushroom salad wasn’t bad either with parsley and roasted garlic, though it could have done with a little less salt.It was the exceptional sea bass baked in parchment paper, fragrant with lemon sauce and clams that was the most stellar preparation. The menu is concise and changed seasonally; in keeping with the spirit of Italian cooking, everything is fresh and the flavours are kept simple so they balance each other. Desserts, too, are exemplary especially the ‘Tiramisu’ a fluffy sponge combined with exotic flavours of espresso and cocoa ,layered with mascarpone served out of a porcelain dish which one is allowed to gorge on unlimited and trust me you may end up eating half of the bowl, so do save space.
Romano’s is at the JW Marriott Hotel Mumbai Sahar, IA Project Road, Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Sahar, Andheri East, Mumbai
Tel: 022 33956233
Timings: Open only for dinner all days of the week.