Thursday, February 23, 2017


Tourism in Sharjah is family oriented, and the many museums created are all child-friendly; Sharjah city is absolutely worth a visit: all excursions start at the amazingly and appropriately named Ethnic Roundabout, where Renaissance look alike buildings casing numerous museums ring the roundabout….
The Emirate of Sharjah is a distant call from the allure and flashiness next door and it takes only a little bus ride to get from one to the other, and is borderless but the dissimilarity is amazingly beautiful. The folks of Sharjah have oil wealth too, they drive their share of Ferraris, have their grand buildings and 5 star hotels, but you only need to casually scuff the external to learn that they are profoundly entrenched in their traditions. The finest museum to visit is certainly the Sharjah Art Museum, the leading art gallery in the Gulf, with an inspiring assortment of Arabic and Orientalist art. It’s a great idea to take a tea break on the third floor, with its stunning domed ceiling decorated with patterns and the night sky. A gathering of old buildings house yet more museums; and there’s also a striking fort. One old house, conserved as it would have been when the family lived there, gives a thought-provoking vision into how wealthy Arabs lived before the onset of the high-rise apartment. Sharjah’s heritage centre lies on the north side of the corniche, and opposite it, old-style dhows from Iran still nod on the harbour, as they have done for years.
The souks especially the Central Souk is beautiful in the heart of town, is the perfect place to shop for souvenirs, and rates are lesser than in Dubai. Sharjah is also the place to come if you want to get a hint of genuine Arab life. Head for the beach, serene and beautiful; In Arabic culture, the beach is a place to meet and hang out, to picnic with family and friends.
With a swarm of stalls vending fruits, vegetables, clothes, accessories, domestic items, portable prerequisites and handcrafted goods, the market is a must visit and an interesting insight to the local culture.
 Most of the people include families visiting food stalls complete with an assortment of dishes and snacks including samosas, Vadas as well as Kadak Chai.
The desert safari is an experience unique to the social and cultural fabric of Sharjah. Visiting Sharjah and going back without boarding on a desert safari is quite impossible indeed! This safari gives a real chance to experience the many flavours of Sharjah courtesy a complete range of activities. The inexplicably alluring desert sands make for a beautiful landscape while the dune bashing sessions signify pure adventure and adrenaline pumping vehicle dexterity. Also denoted to as Dune bashing, this activity can securely be measured the biggest attraction on desert safari trips where automobiles are seen immaculately balanced above sand dunes. Arabia’s superb deserts come thriving with a multitude of fascinating experiences for tourists at these safaris. The Meliha desert safari is a brew of adventure, excitement, warmth and amorousness diversified into one extremely pleasant experience that will create memories to be prized for a lifetime indeed! Meliha, Sharjah has its own exclusive excursion desk where you can book a desert safari adventure for your entire family without any hassles. Not only are the tour packages really affordable, they also throw in numerous supplementary lures that you will not get elsewhere! Do not miss taking pictures of the Camel Rock and fossil exploring!
Best Way To Reach: Fly Air Arabia, it’s a great budget airline; For Reservations:

Best Place to Stay: Oceania Khorfakkan Resort & Spa, Corniche Road - Al Mudifi – Sharjah offers breath taking views at affordable rates.

My story first published in Statesman