Friday, June 5, 2015


Typically, the best way to ease dehydration is with a tall glass of water. But, when the scorching summer heat gets to you, I’d suggest a few fresh fruity drinks to beat the heat. 

The norm these days is to make’s one’s own house a hip spot to party hard. And it sure take in a lot of effort but it’s worth it, as at home you don’t have to elbow your way to the bar and stand in a queue to use the bathroom. The art of partying has changed to some extent; more and more people are opting out of alcohol though the desire to host a fashionable and memorable party has not. One among three adults prefers non-alcoholic beverages. To have your own rocking party at home, you need a good music system, good music, good food and of course a well-stocked non-alcoholic bar. Going back to history alcohol played an important role in religion and the beverages were served as sources of needed nutrients and were only used for their medicinal, antiseptic, or analgesic properties. Of late it has become an important ingredient in Parties and can even be raucous. Definitely there’s a life beyond alcohol.
So what does one do for those who don’t drink alcohol and those who’d like to switch a party without alcohol? Good news! For not all great beverages need to have alcohol in them, non-alcoholic beverages include punches and mocktails and are a great idea to offer to guests while holding a party as an alternative to alcoholic drinks. Non-alcoholic mocktails allow one’s guests to partake and benefit the spirit of the occasion responsibly. They are much better options for non-drinkers than simply sipping on fresh lime and coke all night. Blending, pureeing or mixing innovative drinks just take a little imagination and using simple to use equipment like a KitchenAid Diamond blender can be done with easily available fruits and ingredients.
Fresh fruit puree with seasoning of lemon juice and a dash of pepper or mint can give you a colorful drink. With the little effort and an equal dose of imagination, we can make these or some new coolers at home. A nutritious and cool drink that I prefer to take daily is - seasonal mix vegetable juice or mix seasonal fruit juice blended with ginger and mint.
Abstaining from drinking is the only way not to suffer from any drink related side effects, examples being heart disease, weight gain, and the worst being a hangover and driving can never be fatal. Remember healthy drinking is a great way to add nutrients! Iam sure with the increased focus on health and wellness the non-alcoholic beverage trend is here to stay. Also drink at least eight glasses of clean, cool water per day.  
  • Aam ka Panna: - Charcoal grilled raw mango blended and seasoned with rock salt.
  • Fruit Smash Tropical: - Blend together half a banana, crushed ice, half a slice pineapple, 30 ml toned milk, 90 ml pineapple juice until smooth, serve frozen garnished with pineapple slice.
  • Fresh Fruit Smoothie- Blend of any seasonal fresh fruit and low fat yogurt.
  • Water Melon delight: - Fresh watermelon juice with lemon, dash of Tabasco and a hint of black pepper.