Sunday, August 3, 2014


Chef Avin Thaliath, Assistant Professor , The Hotel Management Department at the Christ University has a BHM degree and an MBA in Human Resources, both from Christ University. He has the distinction of winning numerous national level culinary competitions and Olympics, as well as receiving a Golden Certificate from La Vatel, France, and being named the Best Outgoing Student of Christ College for the year 2005. Apart from Industry experience at Royal Orchid Hotels, he has presented numerous papers on areas such as Front Office, Housekeeping and bakery.

He shares two amazing Bakery Recipes using the KitchenAid® Stand Mixer.

Butter: 75 Gms; Sugar: 78 Gms; Egg: 1 No; Hot water: 45 Gms; Cocoa powder: 15 Gms; Cream: 62.5 Gms; Flour 62.5 Gms; Baking powder: 2.5 Gms

Whisk butter and sugar till white and creamy using KitchenAid® Stand Mixer.
Fold in the eggs, one at a time, at slow speed using KitchenAid® Stand Mixer.
Mix the cocoa powder and hot water together, and add slowly to egg mix.
Add fresh cream slowly.
Sift the baking powder and flour together.
Fold the flour into the mix using spatula.
Portion out into cupcake moulds or paper cup cake holders
Bake at 140degC for 20 – 25 minutes, or until a skewer inserted into the middle of a cup cake comes out clean.

Egg White: 75 Gms; Sugar: 100 Gms; Icing Sugar: 125 Gms; Almond powder: 62.5 Gms

Whisk egg white and sugar together in KitchenAid® Stand Mixer till shiny and stiff.
Fold Icing sugar, almond powder and flavour powder into the meringue, half first, and then, when all folded in, adding the second half and continuing to fold.
Once all folded in, stir fast, to remove air and make it shiny.
The texture is right when, after scooping up a spoonful, it is dropped back into the bowl, and is steadily absorbed seamlessly back into the mix.
Use a 1cm nozzle, and a piping bag.
Use a baking tray line.
Pipe out the macarons evenly, with sufficient space in between.
When a tray is filled, knock the bottom of the tray against the table to knock out any air bubbles.
Let the macaroons dry till it is not sticky to the touch.
Bake at 165degC for 13 minutes or 14 – 15 minutes.