Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Walk through the charming flowery ‘Paris Café’ name board and French door to the Paris Cafe and delicious aromas, wafting out of the open kitchen will engulf your senses. Once inside, you will be instantly transported to a quaint café in small town France, as the delectable array of goodies at the confectionary counter and the quirky knick-knacks – spot the cushions which read Paris, the French style chairs, mirrors, lace work,beautiful chandeliers - tickle both your gustatory and visual senses. Take away from or sit down at this casually elegant café; its peach-and-cream interiors could very well become your secret space.
Bring a book and sit by the window to relish a minute of ‘me-time’ with a steaming cup of Latte made with organic coffee beans and a slice of cake, or pop in with a friend for a quick, fresh casual lunch. Or bring the kids around for a treat in the evening. Paris Cafe promises to be your special place for every occasion!

 “Upon returning to Kolkata from my work experience in Paris and London, I wanted to bring the experience of eating something quick, fresh, and light without going into the hassle of driving to a mall or sitting down at a fancy restaurant. I wanted a fresh baked sandwich or a dessert, much as one would find in small-town artisanal bakeries in Europe, food that had not been made in commercial centralized kitchens,” says the young and talented Chef owner Sneha Singhi. Her training in the prestigious Cordon le bleu, Paris, work experience under Pierre Herme and later La Duree in London combined with her passion for food and artisanal baking skills, gave birth to this venture, which, Sneha hopes, will grow over time and include other offerings such as baking lessons for young food enthusiasts and adults alike. 

Sneha’s strength is her decisive pairing of unexpected ingredients, which works best with simple dishes. So the Baked Chicken inspiration, stuffed with a delicious pesto and served with spaghetti just flavoured with garlic and olive oil is spectacular and yes salads, grills, bakes and sandwiches make a good lunch from the Deli section. Macaroons are a specialty here with flavours like raspberry, lemon, and chocolate to name a few. They are amazingly crisp discs of ground almonds with a soft middle, sandwiched together with flavoured cream. Desserts like their incredible red velvet cake, Rainbow cake, macaroon, and chocolate raspberry dome and choux pastry with Chantilly cream have already attained legendary status. With its wide selection of authentic French breads, desserts and savouries, conveniently located with ample parking next door (I tried the Salt Lake Outlet), Paris Cafe promises to serve up happiness with every slice!

Paris Café currently has 2 outlets, one which started in 2013 and the second in 2014
Outlet 1: 1/1, Ashutosh Chowdhury Avenue, Near Ice Skating Rink, Ballygunge, Kolkata
Outlet 2: Block EP XI-I, South City Pinnacle, Sector V, Salt Lake, Kolkata
Open all days in the week: 8am-11pm
USP: Innovative and untouched recipes right from the heart of Paris
Signature items: Macaroons, Rainbow Cake, Choux pastry with Chantilly cream
Must Try: Something savoury from the menu that changes every week. From the regular menu try the spinach crepe, mushroom quiche, pasta, Panini, and the grilled chicken steak.
Booking and delivery: Orders can be placed over the phone.