Thursday, May 1, 2008



“I Climbed It”
By Rupali Dean

“Do climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge in Australia” Briefed a friend .I was really nervous of heights and somehow got the feeling that I’d fall into the water or the bustling road but I was told that the Bridge Climb has helped thousands of Climbers overcome their fear of heights (also known as Acrophobia). “For the duration of the Climb, you will be attached to a static line on the Bridge, ensuring you feel safe, secure and comfortable at all times”, said the guide. So after all pep talks I decided to go for it.
The staff took about an hour prepping us by walking us through all the equipment and practicing climbing the ladders and walkways one would encounter while on the bridge. Trust me they do a wonderful job of relaxing even the most nervous of clients (read Rupali) .The climb itself is much easier than I expected. The only real physical challenge is when you climb 4 ladders from the base to the beginning of the actual span. Though my brain had me more concerned than my body should have been! Its was like climbing a 10 foot ladder, taking a step to the side, climbing another 10 foot ladder, etc., until I managed to climb all 4 ladders. Once I got on the span, the width of the pathway was 4 feet, and Thankfully I could not see directly below me. Thanks for all those Hours in the Gym the climb was not a physical challenge. All ages can do it, and it's a great experience! Truly Nothing can match that feeling of personal achievement I gained when I overcome my fear of heights as I climbed 134m into the sky on top of the world’s largest steel-arch Bridge In Sydney and I have a certificate to prove it.