Monday, June 8, 2015


With Mumbai speedily being restructured (more so near the Sahar area) the city has aplenty dining destinations, buzzing with hotels, fine dining and fashionable restaurants. Not surprisingly, Dakshin at the ITC Maratha is possibly one of Mumbai’s evergreen restaurants, has quietly beaten everyone to the draw and still remains a favourite with many.
This is owing to the fact that Dakshin focusses on traditional home cooking. It expands beyond just Kerala to Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Although this is a rather common theme with Southern restaurants, Dakshin’s advantage is its attention to seafood, which makes up a significant part of the menu; which makes the juicy Jeeri Meri, prawns tossed in onions, bedgi chillies and vinegar pleasantly appropriate.
The food, in care with the d├ęcor, is worthy without being unusually extravagant or fussy. Thanks to the fact that they’re being quite fixated about ingredients, every dish has a characteristic flavour, which is quite a luxury in these days of ‘one spice fits all.’ The highlights are the ‘Pandi Roast’ rich and roasted with crushed red chillies teamed with Kal Dosa; also the ‘Gutti Vankai koora’ spicy baby eggplants in traditional rich gravy redolent with nuts. Then there was the Gassi, intended to go gorgeously with steaming rice. The ‘Karwar yeti fry’ is interesting if you like the brisk crispiness of semolina on your bay prawns.

Although they serve a dauntingly large thali, Dakshin’s selection is best tasted slowly. I always approach cuisine as an exploration of the culture of a place, since every cuisine or for that matter dish is individual in taste so I would recommend to go slowly taking in each and every dish enjoyably. Mix and match thoughtfully, for example Fish and rice, Appam with Ishtoo, Delicate Neer or Kal Dosa with, well, almost anything. A yummy Basundi is a must try to end on a sweet note; the milky liquid is delicious. At Dakshin, they have strived to recreate the splendour of Southern style of cooking and resuscitate the vanishing lifestyle of Peninsular India. It is a venue exceptional for its authentic presentations of the finest creations!


Dakshin Coastal ITC Maratha- a Luxury Collection Hotel, Sahar, Andheri (E), Mumbai- 400099
For Reservations- + 91 022 30151633

Open for dinner