Friday, February 27, 2015


Eest creates a new culinary experience of South East Asia by representing its basic life elements…

AMBIENCE: The decor is modern with an Asian influence. The restaurant design integrates the interactive glass show kitchens with multiple and private table booths and an exclusive private dining area, ensuring the venue is a visual feast.
WHAT’S ON OFFER? Chinese, Japanese, Thai and Korean with five private dining rooms, tea bar, a large semi-private main dining room and a private sushi bar are on offer. Having a penchant for soups, I truly enjoyed Chef Chia’s wholesome and utterly delectable seafood dumpling soup. Eest also incorporates very good sea-food under its Oriental Umbrella. No other restaurant does the stir fried prawns to such magical effect. Fragrant, crispy and flavoursome, they are wonderful. If a light meal is what you want, the sushi and sashimi selection is excellent, deftly prepared by the chef. Not much has been left unsaid about Thai food but there seems to be a special touch in the dishes here. The steamed fish is supremely good and underscores the Thai way of using spices, enough but not too much and altogether like an exotic perfume. Another highlight is the traditional set course lunch menu under each section. The fragrant green tea ice cream here is one of the best in town. Contemporary Oriental cuisine shows off the chef’s innovation with excellent service that Westin is well-known for.
STARTERS: ‘Do chi zheng pai gu’- steamed pork ribs with chilli black bean sauce, ‘Zha cai qie zi’- steamed eggplant with Sichuan preserved cabbage sauce, ‘Sashimi & Sushi’, ‘Tempura moriawase’- assorted tempura platter, ‘kai yang’- grilled marinated chicken, ‘Laab kai’- spicy minced chicken salad
MAIN COURSE: ‘Hei jiao niu rou’- tenderloin in black pepper sauce. ‘Qiang chao bai cai’ -wok fried chinese cabbage with burnt chilli, ‘Gintala miso yaki’- cod fish with miso sauce, ‘Pla nung manao’- steamed basa fillet with garlic lemon sauce, ‘Gaeng ga-ree kai or phak’- vegetable or chicken in yellow curry with potato and onion
DESSERT: ‘Pu shi dan ta’ -Portuguese egg tart, ‘Maccha aisu kulimu’- green tea ice cream, ‘Sang khaya ob’- baked coconut egg custard
Eest @The WestIn Gurgaon, No 1 MG Road, Gurgaon-122002
For Reservations: +91-: 0124 4977777
Meal for two: INR 2,500 without alcohol.
Timings: 12pm – 3 pm and 7pm till midnight