Sunday, August 30, 2015


When Vistara had just launched a few months ago, I had booked myself on it on the Delhi to Goa sector and I was pleasantly surprised when they upgraded me to the Premium Economy. I was busy writing throughout the flight but couldn’t help enjoying the leg room and certainly the food. It was a mid-morning flight and we were served ‘chicken Dumplings’, and to my joy they were so delicious that I couldn’t help asking for a second helping to which the ever smiling flight attendant happily obliged. It was quite an unparalleled dining experience that validated their hospitability and made a memorable mark in my mind.
Executive Chef - Taj Sats Delhi
So when I got an invitation for a Chef’s Table at Taj Sats Delhi to try out their various offerings, I simply had to go! We were welcomed with a choice of beverages like coconut water, Buttermilk and kokum sherbet, I was already impressed. Honestly which airline on the domestic sector goes to this extent to showcase the best of local produce even in their beverages?
Mr Giam Ming Toh 
Mr Giam Ming Toh (Chief Commercial Officer of Vistara (TATA SIA Airlines Limited) headed the table along with the Chef , explained very simply that ‘Illustrating upon both the opulent miscellany of India’s gastronomic legacy and  immeasurable span of epicurean treasures that flourish in global cuisines, our menu has been intricately intended to feature delectable dishes which suitably replicate modern India dining at its best – traditional yet modern, native yet global, acquainted yet different’! Vistara also claims to be the only airline that also offers Sea food on the domestic sector and more than just a regular choice of vegetarian or Non vegetarian option. Next we moved on to a beautiful display of the food offered on the various classes and trust me their menus seemed attentively planned to satisfy even the most jaded flight. 
My Cajun spiced chicken and Zucchini steak was delicious

Anyways the proof of the pudding is in the eating so I ordered a ‘Cajun spiced Chicken and Zucchini steak’ and also asked for a helping from the Indian selection.
The salad accompaniment to my main course
The starters were common for everyone which was the regular kebabs but again the flavours were different than a normal chicken Tikka or paneer Tikka. I really enjoyed my meal and thought not only it was more than average for a flight meal it was nourishing and healthy as well owing to the quality ingredients and alternative cooking methods in the preparation.
‘Our menus are frequently refreshed so that frequent customers always have something new to look forward to.
Love the Breakfast options
We innovate constantly, coming up with seasonal and festive delicacies which showcase the best of local produce and enhance the celebratory mood on flights. With more generous portions, our meals satiate even the keenest of appetites’, added Giam Ming.
Needles to add services are heightened in Business Class with the crafty arrangement of freshly prepared food in fine bone china crockery and glassware and have special meals options from a wide range of options! 
The starter is exactly served the way it appears in this picture.
So if you are one of those travellers who like to enjoy a good nourishing meal even on a flight…Vistara is for you!!