Thursday, September 4, 2014


The prime vision behind Tuscana tucked away in the popular Khader Nawaz Khan is a very homely, informal setting like someone’s kitchen or dining area where family & friends share a sumptuous meal, good beverages & each other’s company. Food for Italians represents their focal lives & their traditions – family togetherness being one of the important ones. Keeping this in mind the décor has been done in a very soft manner, as home is not only about a personal bond but warmth, familiarity and comfort. The interiors are designed with an old rustic theme, wooden chairs & simple lighting. As director of food and beverages at The Park Hotel in Chennai, Chef Willi Wilson was known for his pizzas and it did not take him too long to take the plunge and start Tuscana, where he is currently the COO. His mantra is simple: ‘you offer good quality products and people will come back for more.’

Coming to the food, the vibe is homey, comfort Italian chow like ‘Minestrone’ and ‘frito misto’ and offers an exquisite range of antipasti to charge up your appetite with the likes of Baguette all’ Aglio, Castellena Di peperoni and more. The health aficionados can dig into a variety of salads to satiate their craving. Italian tradition calls for your pasta cooked ‘al dente’ and Chef Willi strongly believes in retaining the authenticity and flavour of your pasta. Some delicious pasta dishes served at the restaurant include Polpette di pollo translating into my favourite comprising of a rich combination of savoury chicken balls in a tangy marinara sauce, Spaghetti with a mix of prawns, mussels, fish and calamari for seafood lovers and much more. The towering wood –fire oven churns out rather amazing pizzas with a thin crust base and you could choose from Classic refined wheat, Whole wheat, Multigrain and Gluten free, presented in rustic wooden platter which adds originality to a flavourful experience. Try the ‘Pizza al pomodoro fresco’, Tomato puree, mozzarella cheese, slices of fresh tomatoes, basil, extra-virgin olive oil, garlic and red chilly (if you like!). The ‘tiramisu’ is the Pride and joy of the restaurant so I recommend a must try. Chef Willi saw great potential in Chennai and dreamt to share his love for flavours & spread the essence of an Italian relationship . . . so, here it is!

Address: 19, Wallace Garden 3rd Street, Thousand Lights West, Thousand Lights, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600006
For Reservations: 044 4503 8008
Timings:  12:00–11:30 pm

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Vipin said...

Thank you for your visit. I sadly could not meet you as I was away. I am glad you loved the Tuscana experience that changed and continues to change the way people eat in Chennai. Guests love Tuscana because of our playful, casual approach. It has verve; it has excitement. We are soon opening a Tuscana Pizzeria on ECR & I believe guests there will love it too. Thanks. Vipin Sachdev - Chairman - Tuscana.