Thursday, November 5, 2015


Hines India celebrates Diwali with Food Trucks at One Horizon
In the movie “Chef,” the head cook at a Los Angeles restaurant quits his job and starts off a food truck – which aids him revive his hunger for cooking. It’s that urge that makes us such big fans of food trucks, and an answer to why the food truck festival at One Horizon Center in Gurgaon (a joint venture between Hines and DLF) at its premises has become a hot spot for its tenants these two days on the festive occasion of Diwali during office hours! It isn't a wonder why Hines has been rated as one of the Top 3 commercial buildings in the country!
Some of the food trucks featured at the Truck fest include Drifter’s Café which has on offer oriental favorites and box meals, Frugurpop with fruity and cream flavored popsicles (The Triple Berry, Frutilicious and Oreo and Cookies Cream Bar are selling like hot cakes), Something Saucy and What the Truck which is serving up sliders and fast food
‘Frugurpop only aims to get greater and enhanced and being encircled with the largest multinationals at One Horizon Center developed by Hines certainly gives the brand an exciting push! The coolness of the Popsicles echoes in the employees, who consume this revitalizing delight during their hectic day at work! The association surely lives up to our motto ‘Let Joy Take Over and reaches the highest floor of the tower,’ says Pallavi Kuchroo, Founder, Frugurpop
‘Ever since we started our business we have been considering prospects to step into corporate parks and residential communities as we have intended our product for people on the go, nonetheless only Hines India gave us an chance as they saw food trucks being able to fill an instant prerequisite of food and beverage offerings to their occupants who look for hygienic, delicious and budget options,’ shares Ankur Gupta, Founder, Drifters Café candidly.
A food truck festival in my office or residential area...I would love that..wouldn't you?

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