Saturday, June 6, 2015


It is strange that Delhi Heights has been around nearly for four years but I managed to get there only until yesterday. Reason being, the restaurant is always packed and I never managed to get a table, so last evening when I made a plan to go the Ambience Mall in Gurgaon , I made a reservation as I really had to know why the place is so packed always!

The place is quirky with various kinds of seatings from dhaba style to booth, menus are designed in a funky manner…the bar menu reads ‘the book of booze’, LCD's galore means that you would not miss your favourite soap, the menu is huge which means there is something for everyone, the regular water served is flavored with fresh mint….to cut it short Delhi Heights has caught the ‘pulse’ of the Dilliwaalas!
Coming to the food, I tried a couple of things, to start with a ‘meat platter’ which consisted of Shish Taouk, Chicken wings and meatballs in bbq sauce. To be honest it wasn’t even close to authentic but was ‘chatpata’…just like how most of us Dilliwaalas would like it…with desi masalas and zing …perfect to go with your tipple. My ‘Minty lemonade’ was absolutely refreshing and I loved the jar in which it came and was equally impressed with the thick straw which made it so much easier to enjoy the drink with.
The main course, sampled quite a few things which I was told by the chef are a must try, ‘Laal Maas with Bajre ki roti’, ‘Juicy Lucy burger’, ‘ Chennai Geeli Biryani’, ‘Schezwan chicken chilly garlic noodles’ and the ‘ Sole with lemon butter sauce’! And wait…No I wasn’t being greedy; I had company to share my food with!!
Guess what all the food had in common…the ‘Desi Tadka’...for example the Geeli Biryani brought me back memories of my sister-in-law cooking a pan fried quick fix biryani with some lamb curry which I must say she is quite a pro at and makes it rather well. This Geeli Biryani at Delhi Heights though had nothing Chennai about it but I kind of liked it, was enjoyable.
The Schezwan Noodles took me back to a recent friend’s party where he showed off his culinary skills by making something similar…which became the hottest dish of the day as we all just ate that and everything else on the menu almost remained untouched.
The point I am trying to make is that Delhi Heights has got the pulse of the Delhi market…food here is comfort food…a kind of restaurant food that the lady of the house sometimes likes to try making at home and the whole family enjoys! And that led me talking to Kartik (who was coincidently there at the outlet), when he came to ask what I thought of the food and he shared that the restaurant was started by his Grandmom who also ran a famous banquet called ‘Batra Banquet’… that put everything in place…a woman’s touch was evident…someone who knew the Punjabi fusion with any cuisine would definitely work with the Dilliwaalas!
Meal for two: Rs. 1200 plus taxes.
Timings: 11 am - 11.30 pm
Cafe Delhi heights locations:
Delhi- DLF Promenade, DLF place Saket
Gurgaon- Cross point Mall, Ambience mall, Cyber hub
They also have an ongoing Mango Festival for the month of June.
Cafe Delhi Heights at the Cross point Mall is their flagship outlet, Apart from the regular Menu, on offer are Special Breakfast Combos running at CDH Cross point only. 

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