Sunday, June 7, 2015


I did go for the launch which happened over a brunch, some great company and brilliant live music and I was pretty impressed with the space, so decided to go back another day to try the food the way it’s meant to be in a restaurant, sitting down and ordering from the menu, so between my travels I ended up going there on a Saturday with my family, luckily I had made a reservation (making a reservation is something that my travels has taught…but we will take on that another day) as the place was packed…it seemed that Delhi’s new Food & Nightlife destination had arrived!
While the Indigo in Mumbai prospers on its old-world charm, the Indigo in New Delhi is modern and generously spaced, with clean lines that stunningly blend glass, steel grey, wood and green creating a place that is sleek. Options are  aplenty one can either melt into a chair and soak in the al fresco atmosphere offers striking views of the water fountain, hang out at the tastefully designed trendy cocktail bar that also opens on to the deck, with your favourite cocktail, or then settle down to a languid meal in the area dedicated to dining. During the day, the large windows flood the room with sunlight while the evening allows an ideal atmosphere for an intimate candlelight experience. Here’s a space transformed and morphed so ingeniously; the ‘out of city’ feel gives the space an edge over the others so as to embark on a crusade to taste simple plates of food. 
Shitake & Chestnut Gyoza with Seared Tofu
We settled in at the lounge bar first with a glass of wine and some bar snacks before moving into the dining area.
Spinach & Cheddar Macaroni Lasagne
The Menu celebrates flavours and styles of Modern European cuisine which are modern-day in construction, bearing distinct Asian influences, interpreted in an original and innovative way but never forgetting that good produce is at the heart of the best food. Executive Chef Nitin Kulkarni amalgamates international culinary trends and new style cooking marrying unique blend of ingredients with an array of innovative creations. The chef encourages an improved lifestyle and has established a network of organic and natural farmers to procure local produce and meats with a strong focus towards what’s best , seasonal products are given a new look, channelled by merging striking flavours and interesting combination of foods rarely prepared together. 
Potato crusted Rawas
Characteristic favourites from Indigo in Mumbai such as the ‘Beer and cheddar soufflé’ and the ‘Chicken Caesar salad’ share space with the ‘Cinnamon spiced grilled quail with quail biryani’ and ‘Potato crusted rawas with Kairi curry’ from the prized menus that positioned the restaurant on the global culinary map. Yes there are enough vegetarian offerings which are equally commendable.
Truffle mascarpone polenta
For example my ‘truffle mascarpone polenta, textures of vegetables with arugula sauce’ was beautiful and just the way it reads. I loved my Rawas, cooked to perfection and served with ginger and carrot puree, crunchy baby spinach and delicious tangy sweet raw mango sauce. My daughter settled in for a ‘tandoor roasted jerk chicken’, which I too dug into …was perfect with fork mashed scallion potatoes, ginger broccoli and jus! Hubby didn’t want to share his Medallions as he just loved the dish and true enough; his plate had no morsel left.  Share your desserts as all are gratifying. And for someone like me who is always trying to lose weight (hazards of being a food writer) there is also the ‘Warm sugar-free chocolate tart with orange sorbet and orange butter’, which is designed to hit the spot. Sumptuous offerings here focus on taste without forgoing the presentation. The inspired fare is balanced and amplified by one of the best wine lists that I have seen. The restaurant indeed has all perfect ingredients for a great dining experience!
Where: One Golden Mile, Netaji Nagar, Bhikaji Cama Place.
Tel: 011 33106032
Timings: Lunch 12 noon to 3:30 PM, Dinner 7:30 PM to 12:30 PM
Meal for Two: INR 5000 approx.
On the upper level is the grand private dining facility, open to sky, which can be booked for banquets and private functions.

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